Dont Let This Happen TO YOU! Invent Help Is A Scam

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Invent Help, helped themselves to my money onlY!

Notice the only thing that has been invented which was a hundred years ago is the Slip N Slide.

Do not let this company fool you.


In the month of July of 2008, I went to the company called Invent Help.

This company is for people whom have inventions and want it on the Market Place.

Invent Help, helps people to launch their ideas and claims they help put your product in the Market Place.

I personally do not believe this to be true due to the fact of why I am writing to you today and the information I have been learning in the past few months.

I get is a lot of hot air!

On July 8, 2008 I was asked signed papers stating I give Invent help permission to research my product to see if there are any other products similar to my invention and to check the patent aspect of this product. The fee for this was $1000.00, which I agreed to pay and was paid in full based on Mr. Fosters information given me, at the time.

Mr.Joe Foster. whom is one of the spokes people for Invent Help.

The results came back as, there are not any products even close to my invention and the idea is patent-able.

I then was told I would have to pay a SMALL FEE for the Company Invent Help to get my product out into the Market Place which when a buyer comes a long , on top of the so called SMALL FEE which turned out to be $12,000.00, Invent Help wants from me , I would then pay Invent Help 22% of any offer made on my product if it is sold or displayed.

I was given a hundred papers or so to read.

I take all the information home to read with many of questions I needed answers to.

My main question was what if I say yes to all because I have money today, but I loose my job tomorrow and can not afford to pay being the payments are going to be $300 + dollars a month and the total amount due is $ 12,000.00 + . I explained to Mr. Foster I do not want to have a problem with my credit in the future nor do I want to be in debt over this?

Mr.Foster informed me and I quote The company that you will be paying your monthly payment to is a PRIVATE Company hired by Invent Help and works for us (meaning Invent Help) and will work with you if you have a payment problem and does not reflect your credit.

Mr. Foster said we (meaning Invent Help and Universal) will put your process on hold until you are able to pick up the pace of your payments and as far as your credit goes, being that Universal is a Private Company hired by US (meaning Invent Help), we have nothing to do with putting any marks on any persons credit if we had to stop the process of Marketing your product.

Money became extremely tight since January of 2010 and I have tried to understand why neither of these companies are willing to do what was said by the Invent Help company's Mr.Foster spokesman said BEFORE I SIGNED if I ran into a finance problem.

I have been arguing with both companies over this project for the past two months. Now I am out of $6,000.00 and my invention is not on the Market.

I called Mr. Foster and wanted to know why BEFORE I SIGNED the papers I was told one thing and a year later I have fallen on financial hard times, why is it that what was said by you (meaning Mr. Foster) when I signed the papers is not what is being done?

His reply is he will call the company and talk with them. In the mean time I have pulled my credit report and low and behold on my credit I am in the hole for 3 months of none-payment to the company of Universal which I was told is a private company and will not impare on my credit. I did get a call back from Mr. Foster and the reply is there is nothing he can do, he spoke to this person and that person. I said I do not understand , YOU SAID BEFORE I SIGNED TO AGREE TO THE TERMS, I WOULD BE ABLE TO STOP THE PROCESS AND PICK UP WHEN I AM BACK ON MY FEET AND THAT NO BAD CREDIT MARKS WOULD BE ON MY CREDIT!

I also told Mr. Foster UNIVERSAL IS ON my Credit Report.

This is not what you said would happen.


This company has NO RIGHT to have people sign papers under false information which is a bunch of smoke being blown in unmentionable places and being taken advantage.

I do not believe Mr.Foster when he says, he did not know the process would be unable to stop nor do I believe he did not know my credit would be marked BECAUSE HE SAID THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN AND IT DID.

I believe he did know this information before I signed the papers and still had me sign these papers anyway, but just did not care as long as I signed and if in the future I would fall on hard times because he did his part in false having me sign these papers and he still collects his check with out a problem which means he has earned his Browne points for the company of Invent Help and Universal which now he is acting like Universal is the company I signed with, but I was told I am with Invent Help, but this is not the case. Suddenly Universal is the one calling the shots and the Company Invent Help is on the back burner as a sister company.

I want action.

On top of this, this SCAM COMPANY INVENT HELP sends me every 3 months the same list of companies Invent Help claims they have sent my product to.

It is the same ALL THE TIME With the same list of companies.

Its as though there are 20 companies in their data base and every other month they change the lay out of the list, but if you read the list, they are all the same just in different order.


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1st Strike

Feb 17 Atco, New Jersey

Inventhelp is nothing but a scam! The same *** happened to me for the tune of $10,500.00. They did nothing but blow smoke up my rear end. I hope that all their employees die a slow painful death!

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Feb 18 Little Falls, New Jersey

This story is very scary, Many of the As seen on TV companies are based out of New Jersey These are the companies Inventhelp sends your items to. I happen to work for one of them. These companies will review your item free of charge and tell you right then an there if it will work on TV and make you an offer. Go direct to the source is my recommendation.

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Rea Rea

Feb 20 Raleigh, North Carolina

What are the names of these companies ? And where are they located ?

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Feb 22 Alexandria, Virginia

You can find out by yourself. Just google the products that you see on tv and find out the companies that are selling them. I've never understood why people are paying Invent Help to do anything (and they're paying more than $10,000+ to this scam each). Save your money to hire a good patent attorney, and then once your patent application is filed then go to the companies yourself to pitch your product. If you're not willing to put in the sweat equity to find the companies and pitch the product you're never going to make any money from an invention, no matter how great the idea is.

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Feb 02 Baltimore, Maryland

Why is the spelling so bad in some of these comments? It makes me wonder if they are all being written by the same person. This makes me as suspicious as, the company (Invent help) itself. I want to believe that these complaints are valid, but the typographical errors as well as the grammatical errors concern me. It's like the same someone who has a problem with the company is truly trying to bring others into their beef with this company. But just so it's clear, I will NOT be using this company because, the things that are stated over and over, let's me know there is some amount of scam and deception going on. So I truly thank you, or you-all for the heads-up.

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Jan 21

This is exactly how it went for for me also. But now I see my product on shelved. I wish I could afford an attorney. They took my money and was angry when I requested updates which were not provided. IT IS UNFAIR! HOW CAN I GET MY MONEY BACK?????

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Dec 19, 2014 Mountain View, California

There all scam artist and rip lower income Americans off trying to live there American dream these companies should be all labeled as scam artist and shut down *** them

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Nov 07, 2014 Denver, Colorado

What can I do to get out from inventhelp? Please help!!

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Nov 01, 2014

With all the money Foreman has, I would recommend he take a few elocution lessons. Invent Help comes across as Envenna.

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Nov 20, 2014 Brooklyn, New York

I Listen to this every morning on TV. "Call my friends at INVENTHEMP" I don't even call them Invethelp anymore. I personally don't know much about the company, except for a person named Quintero who claims to work for them and has contacted me several times to schedule a meeting at his Manhattan office to discuss my invention. I'm a little iffy about it because once you're locked into a contract, you're bound by its terms, like them or not. My advice to anyone with an idea or invention is to patent it on your own using reputable companies like LegalZoom. ( ). I got my Provisional Application for Patent through LegalZoom for about $250. This is the first step to getting full patent consideration for your idea. I don't know what the final cost will be yet, but I'm confident it won't bankrupt me. Once you have your full patent, you can hire an attorney to handle all the legal matters concerning the sale or development of your invention. This may cost you around $1,000 or so. If your invention has merit, this is a worthwhile investment because of how much you stand to earn if developed. So put off buying that used Camaro of Mustang you've had your eye on. If you're going to gamble your last $1,500, a patent for your idea may yield the better long-term benefits

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Feb 22 Alexandria, Virginia

Sorry, but you got scammed by legal zoom too. A provisional application is normally a waste of your time and money (especially if a lawyer didn't prepare the provisional for you!). They expire in a year and you have to file a non-provisional application within a year. The provisional applications that legal zoom has you pay for do NOT result in a patent. You MUST file a non-provisional application for a patent examiner to examine and for the patent to issue as a patent.
Don't waste your money with legal zoom. Save your money and hire a proper patent attorney to file a non-provisional patent application for you. It will cost a lot more than $1,000 to get a patent (sorry but that's the truth). To give you an idea, as a "micro entity" solo inventor here are the types of fees you'll be paying (most are required and some are just likely like the RCE and time extensions): basic filing fee $70, search fee $150, examination fee $180, RCE fee $300, reply time extension fees 1-6 months $50-750, and if the patent is allowed then there is the $240 allowance fee followed by maintenance fees to keep the patent alive due at 3.5 years ($400), 7.5 years ($900), and 11.5 years ($1,850). These are just some of the fees the patent office charges. That's not even including what your attorney will charge along the way in order to prepare the application and file responses to rejections from the patent examiner. Expect the patent attorney to charge thousands of dollars to file the application
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Future Inventor

Sep 21, 2014

How is this company (Invent Help) allowed to still be in business as well as have advertisement on TV presently 9-24-14? They should be out of business by all the lawsuits that should have happened. This sounds like a terrible company. Sorry for what you had to go through. Thanks for the heads up.

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Aug 26, 2014 New Jersey, United States

I had the same exact thing done to me as a matter of fact I am going through it now his name is Paul Foster and his office New Jersey, he told me exactly the same thing. I am also receiving the same bogus list of companies it's been going on three years and I should've had my products on the market and in stores I now Paul forced to see that the products are already out here but my type of product would be easier to make because they make these things every day. These people are out to get whatever they can from hard-working citizens these people they are not God conscious if they were they would not do what they do to people I believe they are greedy selfish crooks. They are now hounding me for the remaining of my $13,000 which I don't have and which I don't intend to pay. If they want to get paid then the only way they will is if they put my products on the market and in the stores like they lead me to believe that it could be and would be Paul Foster told me that I should go ahead and do it but when I signed the papers they said did anyone persuade you or say that it was a good idea I answered yes ....which he (Paul Foster) did but sent the forms back and said that I should not say that because the company will get in trouble for giving me advice . Instead of invent help doing right by others they rather rob people of their life savings and hard earned money then to really make money on products that are presented to them from other people I believe they still Ideas have... Show more

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Aug 11, 2014 Raleigh, North Carolina

George Foreman is a complete money grubbing twinkle toe *** for hawking for this rip off TV company. Just like the Enzyte male enhancement pill and countless other TV scam companies----STAY AWAY from this rip off queen

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Aug 11, 2014 Azcapotzalco, Federal District

I believe "Invent Help" and "Davison" are connected. They are both out of PA and they both have you signing an agreement saying you can only bring a lawsuit against them in their State. Which means they pay off the Judge(s) to always be in their favor. And, think about it; by the time you have lost thousands of dollars to them you have to reread your agreement because they will remind you that you signed and agreed to this. Now how many of you outside PA are going to move there to file your suit? A suit can take months even years so they are betting they won't be seeing you, EVER!

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Aug 05, 2014

pretty much had the same thing happen with Davison out of pensylvania they did protype which was my original design,marketing report which I never got.visuale reality that was 1 picture,so here I'am 6.000 in the hole and they want 300.00 for each company they contact,companies I've never heard of.I think these companies are all the same.just want your money which is sooo sad they get your hopes up and drop you flat on your face.

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Jul 19, 2014

Basicly sounds like alot of fees false promisses and trick wording invent help is now about my invention i wondered why they call me everyday and i havent answered yet their after money .

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Jul 06, 2014

This is silly, as many have stated before, a contract is a contract. Read it, that should have all been there. Never trust strangers.

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Jun 29, 2014

Reading all of these comments, I am just glad that karma exists. Scamming people out of inventions, a LOT of money, and potential $$. People who work for Invent Help, you have taken money from those who are already suffering and are ruining their dreams. Congratulations, the only way out of your incredibly high amounts of karma is to get enlightened. You will likely be born in a *** realm and revert back to animal life.

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invent help scam

May 09, 2014

Invent help is a scam, period. If you have been burned by this company please call BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AT 877-267-5222 and FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION at 877- 382- 4357

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