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Why they let stealers like them working??FRAUD

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Review › The saddest part about life is when you really need your family and so-called friends no one will ever be there for you been crying all day Invent Help stole my idea and I want the world to know: Twin Back To Back Home Theater ISSUE NOT RESOLVED In 1991 I thought of inventing a back-to-back TV that you can view from both sides but watch different channels at the same time the TV will also come out to two separate TVs that's side by... Read more

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Invent help is a scam left right and center. This time it's not Mr. Foster but a Mr. Quintero. Apparently he was trained by Mr. Foster because he's belching out the same words as Mr. Foster. For anyone with a new idea please don't go to Invent help. You have been warned. Read more

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Electronic. File for east removal of corns and dead skin from feet . Sold my invention ideal. Read more

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The guy I gave my 120000to Armando Ortiz is in jail for taking his client money and my idea now it in stores now inventhelp say it not mine and I know it mine he took from me my fam and friends who help me it a shame help Inventhlep is a scam took money and my I dear help Read more

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This company will not help you!!!! you can bring in a pile of dirt and tell them you invented it and they will take your money!!! If your Idea is really an Idea this company is not for you!!!! Never sign anything with them or give them any of your personal information!!!!! If we can save one person for falling for them then its worth it. Read more

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I'm a victim of inventhelp and I decide to start a page on Facebook because together we are stronger Read more

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I did not want to listen to these negative reviews but after a year and a half I have realized its true they dont care about the clients just the money they do not promote my product they only send videos of low quality that dont even motivate a 5 year old how is a product going to be sold without a sample I also contacted the companies that are interested in my product but they wanted a sample I asked invent help and they did not give it to the... Read more

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First, I was told that my Invention idea sounded great, before I paid my money of course. I was also told that no invention idea like mine has been found. After hearing this 'good news' I paid a total of $5,950. I was encouraged to finance the balance with Universal Payments Corporation at PO Box 2759 Pittsburgh, PA 15230.(800) 766-1110)As long as I was making payments, I was receiving letters that my invention is being shown to investors. ... Read more

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Seriously everything negative you have read is legitimate. Do not support this company in any way. They're out to get your money and that's the sole objective. They don't care about you or your idea. They'll cut your bait and run off with it, never to be heard from again. They tried to get me to submit $500 to them for an "invention report." I'm thankfully am smart enough to know at that point that these people are straight crooks. I can do my... Read more

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